Domestic Energy Displays: An Empirical Investigation

Shwetak Patel, Tae-Jung Yun, Hee Young Jeong, Peter Kinnaird, SeungEok Choi, Namwook Kang, and Gregory D. Abowd

We conducted two studies to explore how domestic energy information displays relate to a consumer’s energy awareness and behavior. First, we investigated the impact of a simple energy feedback system, both stationary and portable versions, on household energy awareness and consumption. In analyzing the results of that study, we saw an opportunity to better define a consumer’s energy awareness and examine. Second, we investigated how energy awareness interacts with the level of spatial and temporal information in an energy display in a more controlled manner with fifty-nine participants in both the USA and South Korea. Our findings from these two studies reveal how properties of energy information displays (e.g., portability, spatial and temporal resolution) encourage investigation of energy consumption patterns in the home.

  • Yun, T., Jeong, H., Kinnaird, P., Choi, S., Kang, S., and Abowd, G.D. Domestic Energy Displays: An Empirical Investigation, ACEE, 2010.