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Nazneen Anwer  |  PhD

Research Interests  Technologies for children with Autism

CS Ph.D. Student, entered 2009

Rosa Arriaga  |  Research Faculty

Research Interests  

Senior Research Scientist

Fatima Boujarwah  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Mobile applications for children with intellectual disabilities

CS Ph.D. Student, entered 2008

Hwajung Hong  |  PhD

Research Interests  Designing technologies for young adults with Autism

HCC Ph.D. Student, entered 2010

Hee Young Jeong  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Ubiquitous computing for the environment and human health

HCC Ph.D. Student, entered 2008

Sisil Mehta  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Ubiquitou Computing

Shwetak Patel  |  PhD  |    |    1 (404) 385-5055

Research Interests  easy to deploy sensing systems

Georgia Institute of Technology

Agata Rozga  |  Research Faculty

Research Interests  Developmental Psychology and autism

Research Scientist II

Caleb Southern  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Touch as both an input and output

Masters Student1  |  Masters

Research Interests  mobile phones

Edison Thomaz  |  PhD

Research Interests  Health intelligence applications, HCI, Ubicomp, InfoVis

HCC Ph.D. Student, entered 2010

Lana Yarosh  |  PhD  |    |    |    1 (404) 512-4608

Research Interests  Mediating parent-child communication

HCC Ph.D. Student, entered 2006