Rosa Arriaga  |  Research Faculty

Research Interests  

Senior Research Scientist

Nazneen Anwer  |  PhD

Research Interests  Technologies for children with Autism

CS Ph.D. Student, entered 2009

Jason Brotherton  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Automated capture in ubiquitous computing.

Graduated December 2001 Royal Society USA Research Fellow @ University College London

Dounia Berrada  |  Masters

Research Interests  Monitoring for health care

Masters student

Sebastian Boring  |  Masters

Research Interests  Abaris and BufferWare development

Masters Student, University of Munich, Germany

Jeremy Brudvik  |  Masters  |  

Research Interests  Health monitoring in the home, Blind accessibility

Masters Student

Fatima Boujarwah  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Mobile applications for children with intellectual disabilities

CS Ph.D. Student, entered 2008

Aras Bilgen

Research Interests  Workflows and problem solving in professional kitchens

Graduated May 2008

Callie B. Carroll  |  Masters  |  

Research Interests  Mobile device usage and design for persons with disabilities

Masters student, Human-Computer Interaction

Anind Dey  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Context-aware computing

Graduated December 2000 Associate Professor @ Carnegie Mellon University HCI Institute

Sidhant Gupta  |  Masters  |  

Research Interests  PowerLine Positioning sensors and Embedded Development

Masters student

Mayank Goel  |  Masters  |  

Research Interests  Mobile Computing, Powerline Event Detection and Energy Monitoring Systems

Masters student

Mayank Garg  |  Masters  |    |  

Research Interests  Mobile Video Auto Tagging, Energy Monitoring (Sustainability)

Masters student

Zhigang Hua  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Mobile version of Family Video Archive

Second Year Ph.D. Student

Gillian Hayes  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Capture and Access in informal, unplanned, and mobile settings

Graduated August 2007 Assistant Professor @ UC Irvine

Yi Han  |  Masters

Research Interests  PowerLine Positioning data analysis, KidCam

Masters student

Lonnie Harvel  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Context mining in the home and educational setting

Graduated December 2005 Vice President of Educational Technology @ Georgia Gwinnett College

Hwajung Hong  |  PhD

Research Interests  Designing technologies for young adults with Autism

HCC Ph.D. Student, entered 2010

Giovanni Iachello  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Policy, security and privacy in ubiquitous computing

Graduated May 2006 Project Manager @ McKinsey & Co.

Peter Jensen  |  

Research Interests  wireless sensor networks

Graduated May 2004