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Assessing Asthma Management Practices Through In-Home Technology Probes

Hee Young Jeong, Rosa Arriaga, Tae-Jung Yun, Hee Rin Lee, and Gregory D. Abowd

Asthma is a complex disorder and a leading chronic disease among children in USA. Families and pediatric patients with asthma need to manage more

Designing for Parents and Children Overcoming Distance

Lana Yarosh, Gregory D. Abowd, and Yee Chieh "Denise" Chew

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When parents and chidren are separated by distance, they struggle to stay in touch. We are investigating the needs of work-separated and divorced more

Mediating Remote Parent-Child Contact with the ShareTable

Lana Yarosh, Sanika Mokashi, Tony Tang, Gregory D. Abowd, Stephen Cuzzort, Hendrik Mueller, Hina Shah, Brian DiRito, Jasjit Singh, Shashank Raval, and Jee Yeon Hwang

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The ShareTable, deployed in the household of each distributed family member, combines videoconference and a shared tabletop surface to help children more


Fatima Boujarwah, Hwajung Hong

Deficits in social skills and executive function(the control of one's thought processes) are generally considered the defining characteristics of more

Domestic Energy Displays: An Empirical Investigation

Shwetak Patel, Tae-Jung Yun, Hee Young Jeong, Peter Kinnaird, SeungEok Choi, Namwook Kang, and Gregory D. Abowd

We conducted two studies to explore how domestic energy information displays relate to a consumer’s energy awareness and behavior. First, we more

Investigating the Impact of an In-Home Energy Consumption Display

Shwetak Patel, Tae-Jung Yun, Peter Kinnaird, Hyorim Park, Gregory Abowd

We investigated the impact of a minimal in-home Energy Consumption Display (ECD), both stationary and portable versions, on household energy more

Dynamic Labels for Physical Buttons - an Overlay for the iPad

Shwetak Patel

The goal of this project is to combine the superior affordance and feedback of a physical button with the flexibility and software control of a more

3D Eye Gaze tracking to Estimate Joint Attention

Sisil Mehta, Gregory Abowd, Irfan Essa

Joint attention is a distinguishing characteristic of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD) and is used for diagnosis of ASD in various more


Caleb Southern, Mario Romero, Brian Frey, James Clawson, Gregory Abowd

BrailleTouch is an eyes-free mobile chorded text input technology, based on the standard Perkins Brailler. It is a system for touch typing on your more

Short Message Service for Pediatric Asthma Management

Hee Young Jeong, Hwajung Hong, Rosa Arriaga, Tae-Jung Yun

Asthma is a complex disorder characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, and leading chronic illness in children. It is a heterogeneous more

Pediatric Asthma Management Practices of Families

Gillian Hayes, Hee Young Jeong, Rosa Arriaga, Tae-Jung Yun, Jayoung Sung, and Gregory D. Abowd

To understand the social and cultural aspects of children with asthma, we have empirically investigated the needs of the diverse stakeholders and more

Supporting in-Home Capture of Problem Behaviors of Children with Developmental Disabilities

Nazneen Anwer, Rosa Arriaga, and Gregory D. Abowd

Ubicomp technology has shown promise in applications for health-care in the home. We have conducted a study with a research prototype CRAFT( more

Supporting richer descriptions of autistic behaviors through integrated sensing and visualization

Fatima Boujarwah, Nazneen Anwer, Rosa Arriaga, and Gregory D. Abowd

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) frequently engage in stereotypical behaviors that can be disruptive and at times self injurious. We more