Short Message Service for Pediatric Asthma Management

Hee Young Jeong, Hwajung Hong, Rosa Arriaga, Tae-Jung Yun

Asthma is a complex disorder characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, and leading chronic illness in children. It is a heterogeneous condition with triggers that vary between patients. Targeted interventions to alleviate the problem of asthma morbidity among children are reducing differences in childhood asthma hospitalization and morbidity. However, the current practice allows physicians to follow their patients between visits (around 3~4 months). Thus, technologies alleviate the problem of lack of communication between physicians and patients. Short Message Service (SMS) is one of candidates.
The goal of study is to investigate whether asthma awareness and management is enhanced through a two-way SMS technology on asthma management between patients and physicians. A set of requirements that drive the technological innovations of this study includes: 1) SMS is an effective technology instrument to engage patients in their everyday activities. 2) Few studies investigate the role of the physician. 3) Web interfaces, particularly to the physician, will allow a rich set of clinically relevant activities.