Supporting richer descriptions of autistic behaviors through integrated sensing and visualization

Fatima Boujarwah, Nazneen Anwer, Rosa Arriaga, and Gregory D. Abowd

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) frequently engage in stereotypical behaviors that can be disruptive and at times self injurious. We developed a research prototype, iExpress, that will use wearable sensors to detect stereotypy and map detections to heart-rate data and audio-visual information from the environment to provide context for the stereotypy. A formative study of iExpress with parents, caregivers, and children with ASD indicated that children did not experience discomfort with on-body sensors and parents and caregivers were highly interested in using iExpress on a weekly basis to infer causes about their child's stereotypical behavior.

  • Nazneen, Fatima A. Boujarwah, Shone M. Sadler, Amha Mogus,Gregory Abowd and Rosa Arriaga, "Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities for Richer Descriptions of Stereotypical Behaviors of Children with ASD: A Concept Exploration and Validation", ASSETS 2010 Orlando, Florida
  • Nazneen, Fatima A Boujarwah, Shone Marcello Sadler, Amha Mogus, Gregory D. Abowd, Rosa I. Arriaga, “Understanding the Context of Stereotypical Behaviors”, IMFAR 2010