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CS 6750/4750 Human-Computer Interaction

A graduate/undergraduate introductory course on HCI. I use my own book, Human-Computer Interaction, 3rd Ed., published by Prentice-Hall, International. Here are pointers to the various times I have taught this course.

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CS 1316 Representing Structure and Behavior

An introductory data structures course that is focused on media manipulation and simulations. This course is designed for computational media undergrads and industrial engineers. I have taught this course in Fall 2006 and 2007.

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CS 8803 Autism and Technology

Joint with Dr. Rosa Arriaga, and with support from Cure Autism Now/Autism Speaks, I developed a course that fosters a better understanding of what autism is and what role information technologies can play for researchers, clinicians, families and individuals. This was first taught in Spring 2007 and I hope to teach it again sometime soon.

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CS 4470/6456 Principles of User Interface Software

A graduate/undergraduate advanced course on the tools and architectures for creating traditional 2-dimensional graphical user interfaces as well as non-traditional "off-the-desktop" interactive systems.
  • Fall 2003
  • Fall 2002
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    CS 7470 Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

    A new course created by Gregory Abowd and Thad Starner on research topics covering ubiquitous, wearable and mobile computing topics. It has been taught every year since the initial offering, and is currently listed as CS 7470.

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    CS 7001 Introduction to Graduate Studies

    An introductory course for new Ph.D. students in the College of Computing.

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    CS 3302 Introduction to Software Engineering

    An undergraduate project-based course teaching fundamentals of software engineering.Here are pointers to the various times I have taught this course.

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    CS 4310/11/12 Software Engineering Lab (Real World Lab)

    This course is team taught by the Software Engineering Faculty and is a multi-term project class.

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    CS 2390 Modeling and Design

    Undergraduate object-oriented analysis, design and programming course. I taught this class once, the Fall 1995 quarter.

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    CS 8113 Specification and analysis of interactive systems

    A special topics course on formal methods as applied to interactive systems. Taught only once, in Spring 1995.

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