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Dounia Berrada  |  Masters

Research Interests  Monitoring for health care

Masters student

Aras Bilgen

Research Interests  Workflows and problem solving in professional kitchens

Graduated May 2008

Sebastian Boring  |  Masters

Research Interests  Abaris and BufferWare development

Masters Student, University of Munich, Germany

Jason Brotherton  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Automated capture in ubiquitous computing.

Graduated December 2001 Royal Society USA Research Fellow @ University College London

Jeremy Brudvik  |  Masters  |  

Research Interests  Health monitoring in the home, Blind accessibility

Masters Student

Callie B. Carroll  |  Masters  |  

Research Interests  Mobile device usage and design for persons with disabilities

Masters student, Human-Computer Interaction

Anind Dey  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Context-aware computing

Graduated December 2000 Associate Professor @ Carnegie Mellon University HCI Institute

Mayank Garg  |  Masters  |    |  

Research Interests  Mobile Video Auto Tagging, Energy Monitoring (Sustainability)

Masters student

Mayank Goel  |  Masters  |  

Research Interests  Mobile Computing, Powerline Event Detection and Energy Monitoring Systems

Masters student

Sidhant Gupta  |  Masters  |  

Research Interests  PowerLine Positioning sensors and Embedded Development

Masters student

Yi Han  |  Masters

Research Interests  PowerLine Positioning data analysis, KidCam

Masters student

Lonnie Harvel  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Context mining in the home and educational setting

Graduated December 2005 Vice President of Educational Technology @ Georgia Gwinnett College

Gillian Hayes  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Capture and Access in informal, unplanned, and mobile settings

Graduated August 2007 Assistant Professor @ UC Irvine

Zhigang Hua  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Mobile version of Family Video Archive

Second Year Ph.D. Student

Giovanni Iachello  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Policy, security and privacy in ubiquitous computing

Graduated May 2006 Project Manager @ McKinsey & Co.

Peter Jensen  |  

Research Interests  wireless sensor networks

Graduated May 2004

Julie Kientz  |  PhD  |  

Research Interests  Embedded capture & access, technology for early childhood development

Graduated August 2008 Assistant Professor @ University of Washington

Sunyoung Kim  |  Masters

Research Interests  

Masters student

Peter Kinnaird  |  Masters  |  

Research Interests  Visualizing Congressional Voting Records, Energy Monitoring (Sustainability)

Masters student (HCI)

Moritz K√∂hler  |  Masters

Research Interests  Infrastructure-free indoor localization

Masters student from Technical University of Munich, Germany