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Family Video Archive

Shwetak Patel, Zhigang Hua, and Gregory D. Abowd

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The Family Video Archive helps in organizing and retrieving home videos. You can annotate video files with metadata and use this data to find the more


Julie Kientz, and Gregory D. Abowd

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Abaris is a fully functioning prototype capture and access application to support therapists who perform Discrete Trial Training therapy, a current more


Gillian Hayes, and Gregory D. Abowd

CareLog is a mobile capture and access application for recording health and education data in informal settings.

Personal Audio Loop

Gillian Hayes, Giovanni Iachello, Julie Kientz, Khai Truong, Shwetak Patel, and Gregory D. Abowd

With frequent changes in the topics of discussion or other interruptions, sometimes it is difficult to resume a previous thread in a conversation, more

Virtual Rear Projection

Jay Summet, and Gregory D. Abowd

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Creating interactive surfaces with rear projected properties using multiple front projectors, allowing flexible deployment of interactive wall sized more

Capture Resistant Environment

Jay Summet, Khai Truong, Shwetak Patel, and Gregory D. Abowd

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The Capture Resistant Environment uses cameras and projectors to prevent unauthorized photography and video recording. The camera can detect the lens more

Powerline Positioning

Erich Stuntebeck, Khai Truong, Shwetak Patel, and Gregory D. Abowd

PowerLine Positioning (PLP) is an inexpensive technique that uses
fingerprinting of multiple tones transmitted along the powerline to achieve more


Shwetak Patel, Jun Rekimoto, and Gregory D. Abowd

Effective integration of sensing and laser-assisted interaction have resulted in a handheld device, the iCam, which simultaneously calculates its own more


Erich Stuntebeck, Jay Summet, Moritz Köhler, Shwetak Patel, and Gregory D. Abowd

While commercial solutions for precise indoor positioning exist, they are costly and require installation of additional infrastructure, which limits more

Early Detection of Developmental Delay

Julie Kientz, Ping Wang, Rosa Arriaga, Tracy Westeyn, and Gregory D. Abowd

We are interested in designing technology to help detect, record, and track important developmental milestones that occur in children during their more


Gillian Hayes, and Gregory D. Abowd

BufferWare is a space-based table-top application that allows you to save the last few minutes of audio and video when you least expected to need or more


Arwa Tyebkhan, Julie Kientz, Shwetak Patel, and Gregory D. Abowd

FETCH is a mobile system for aiding the visually impaired in locating their misplaced objects in many locations. Through a focus group and individual more

INCA (Infrastructure for Capture & Access)

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An infrastructure aimed to facilitate the development of capture and access more

Motorola iDEN Phone Applications

Using laser pointing techniques to easily navigate home technology interfaces and capturing everyday more


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A web-based workspace for managing shared artifacts and work processes of a more

Sound Source Location based interaction

This is a project to investigate the location of different sound events in domestic environments in the past. We have built a 16-microphone sound more

TAGGER (Team-Aware Acquisition Guide for Goals, Entities and Relationships)

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A tool for capturing and indexing knowledge acquisition sessions in real more